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The Anush Reddy Beeram Memorial Scholarship of Dance was established with gifts from family and Masti Dance Academy wanting the memory of a remarkable young man to be honored in a manner reflective of the profound influence she had on their lives.

About Anush Reddy Beeram Memorial: Anush Reddy Beeram Memorial was part of the TAMS Bhangra team at the time of his tragic death in 1988.Some people cross your path and leaving a positive impact on your life. So is the story of Anush with Masti. Anush's dance story began with his journey with doing private lessons with Sasha didi for Diwali functions. He also was a student at Haun Elementary, where Madhu, Masti's director taught for 9 years, and his sisters were part of the academy for a while but they continued with their journey in classical dance. He continued his journey in dance by joining Bhangra team at the prestigious TAMS program with UNT. Anush’s smile was infectious, and today, his spirit of optimism, kindness, and dedication remains, in that it lives on in people who share JOY with this and the world around them and hence this award in his honor.


Dancing is required but if you are applying for this scholarship, we assume you love to dance just like Anush!   He was a solid student, so we ask the recipient to have a 3 out of 4 unweighted GPA.  Anush was kind and compassionate and loved to help others.  So we ask the recipient to write an essay on how they helped others. The selection committee will include Parents, one of Anush’s friends, Masti core team and a teacher.   We will select two members of the Masti Dance Academy to receive Anush Reddy Beeram Memorial Dance Scholarship.  

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